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Advice / Videos - 1 year ago

How to Run a Profitable Digital Agency

Whether you’re running a web design agency, a development outsourcing company or a digital marketing business, a profitable digital agency is the only kind worth having. So often digital agencies experience an influx of new projects followed by a lul...

Advice / Videos - 1 year ago

Payment Milestone Management in BrainLeaf

When sending your scope to a client in Brainleaf, you can now add custom milestones to your contract, as well as retainage, payment terms and late fees to your contracts. Milestones help you monitor time-dependent deliverables, and control payments a...

Advice / Videos - 1 year ago

14 Awesome Tools to Grow Your Blog

Grow your blog and managing content effectively is so vital it can make or break your success. Effectively increasing your online presence is a big undertaking and having the fantastic content that gets seen by your target audience is critical. You w...